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3 Ways Video Interviews Can Help Achieve eLearning Objectives for Manufacturers

Add value and engagement to your course through inclusion of video interviews

Video interviews add variety to a voice-over soundtrack and personalize training. A good, informative interview connects with your audience and reinforces learning. It can motivate learners and link new information to real manufacturing experiences.

Here are these three ways to use employee interviews to add value and engagement to an eLearning script.

  1. Reinforce an idea or concept.

Employee interviews are great ways to reinforce ideas and concepts so that they are better understood and remembered. When used in this way interviews act as testimonials. They offer the opportunity for learners to see and hear directly from co-workers.

Seeing a peer or supervisor talk about the importance of job safety is more memorable and believable than hearing a voice over narrator tell you the company values safety. Including testimonials in an eLearning program adds a personal touch that helps learners connect with and understand what you want to communicate. It improves employee buy-in by helping them see how an idea or concept benefits both the company and them directly.

Consider using employee testimonials to support the ideas and concepts behind these in demand eLearning training topics:

  • Workplace Health and Safety
  • Quality Management
  • LEAN Manufacturing
  • Supply Chain Management
  1. Share a tip or best manufacturing practice.

Having employees share tips and best practices are meaningful ways of presenting information in an eLearning course. This type of peer learning is especially effective when training employees to use or maintain machinery, follow a procedure, or perform a manufacturing operation. It allows learners to hear from workers who speak the same language as them and experience situations that they will encounter on the manufacturing floor.

Featuring actual workers sharing tips and best practices brings context and meaning to important information by immersing learners in real-life working situations.

  1. Connect learning with a real-life story.

Stories hook and connect with learners. People like telling and listening to them. Stories help convert dry, technical content into engaging learning experiences. They provide a link between the information you want to deliver and actual real-life work situations. The best stories are both informative and entertaining.

Here are examples of stories told by employees that I’ve included in my eLearning courses.

  • Supply Chain Management (SCM) success story. How the company’s automated replenishment system saves time and money by allowing product to be ordered from the customer’s shop floor directly to the manufacturing facility’s inventory system.
  • Quality improvement story. How a team of employees used Six Sigma principles to analyze a metal fabrication process that reduced defects in parts per million (DPPM) by 20 percent a year.
  • Safety training stories. How disregarding safety rules resulted in work place accidents, followed up by insights into what could have been done to prevent them.
  • Productivity improvement story. How $25,000 was saved on an order of electrical wire by making a few adjustments to a re-spooling machine.
  • LEAN manufacturing case study. How applying LEAN principles resulted in a 25% reduction in the lead-time to manufacture a line of gear drives.

Use employee interviews to produce engaging eLearning content that supports your learning objectives. This one tip will go a long way in adding value to your next eLearning script.

Ron Trilling
Author of Learning Lines | Founder and Partner, at Media Dynamics
Ron is a great source of information when it comes to eLearning. He has a background in instructional design and has worked with many companies to help develop their eLearning content and courses.
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