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Ron Trilling
Ron Trilling

Thanks for your addition and insight. I feel he more detail, the better when it comes to storyboarding.

Angela Clark

I find that including references for media and graphics are great if multiple persons are working on the module. Also, it is important to include theory and standards for each…

Designer tools for an e Learning Course. | eCT Instructional Design Works

[…]… […]

Sergey Snegirev

I wouldn't say that mastering variables and triggers in Storyline is easier (or harder) than doing the same for variables and actions in Lectora. Or in Captivate. I'd say it's…

Six useful graphic design tools for developing ...

[…] "Design has an impact on learning. Design impacts how easy an interface is to use, calls attention to key items on a page, imparts an ..."  […]