How it works:

Our first meeting is the Discovery Session.  This meeting is perferrably done in person.  We will go over your current strategy, process and course content and  then discuss your challenges and desires for your course(s) moving forward.

Once the Discovery Session is complete and your course needs have been communicated and analyzed, I will be able to follow-up with my Assessment and Action Plan document.  You can think of this document as the blueprint or GPS for you desired outcome.  The document is key as it includes both the intelectual concepts of improving your course as well as the concrete actions of how that can be done.  We will schedule a second meeting to go through this document in its entirety and then make arrangements if additional help or guidance is desired.

To get started:

Simply email or call me to discuss your current needs and challenges.  If you would like to proceed after our initial discussion, I will formulate a proposal for your review and feedback.  After any revisions and final approval of the proposal, we will schedule a time for the Discovery Session.