Because of my experience and instructional design background,  I can help assist with your prodution issues in the following ways:

  • I can help your team meet tight deadlines or high demand by providing experienced, fast-track personnel resources. I can fill production gaps with:
    • Instructional Design consulting
    • Production technicians: video, animation and audio
    • Authoring professionals
  • I can help to increase production efficiency and offer guideance on production best practices, including:
    • Suggestions on more efficient methods for software utilization
    • Streamlining the production process
  • I can help to improve the overall course by analyzing where production elements and interactivity can be best used to enhance the learning experience.

To get started:

It’s as easy as an email or phone call.  From there we can discuss your current needs and how I might be able to help in your production workflow. Don’t worry about your specific tool or platform either, I have experience in all the major authoring platforms. I look forward to your call!