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iPad Friendly: 4 elearning interactions to engage your manufacturing audience

Incorporate these features into your iPad training courses to engage and excite your learners

With the introduction and fast adoption of the iPad, instructional designers and elearning developers have had to reassess how to best develop their training and how to use the new platform to their advantage.

I have found 4 great ways to showcase interactions with the iPad while maximizing and enhancing the learning experience.

1. Swipe

The swipe feature, though a very basic feature to the iPad, can still add that interactive element to your courses that keep your users engaged.  For instance, when showing multiple images in a series for assembly or support training, being able to simply swipe between the images rather than tapping a next or previous button can give the training a more refined and interactive feel.

2. Tabs

Tabs might not be a new interaction with content, but because of the limited screen size of the iPad, they are a great and often overlooked way to add content on the screen that otherwise wouldn’t fit.  I have found tabs to be very effective when explaining different scenarios or outcomes.  For instance, this works well for safety training when showing different ways to react to a safety hazard.

3. Multitouch

Multitouch is allowing your learner to use multiple fingers to interact with your training course. Multitouch is a great way to get your manufacturing audience engaged in your training because it encourages tactile learning.  One way to take advantage of this is to allow your users to adjust graphic “dials” like they would on their physical machine or allow them to spin and rotate images or 3D objects to see different angles of a product.

4. Pinch/Zoom

Pinch/zoom is another great way that I like to incorporate interactions into the iPad.  This functionality encourages interaction by allowing learners to zoom in or out on a detailed CAD drawing or spec sheet.  This gives the user the oppurtunity to zoom in on what they are most interested in and see more detail in that specific area.

These features can really add a great boost to your eLearning material and take them from stagnant “page turners” to engaging training courses that your learners will actually enjoy using.

What iPad specific features have your found to be useful and engaging to your audience?

Ron Trilling
Author of Learning Lines | Founder and Partner, at Media Dynamics
Ron is a great source of information when it comes to eLearning. He has a background in instructional design and has worked with many companies to help develop their eLearning content and courses.
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